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Muay Thai, commonly referred to as the eight limbs art is a popular sport that usually makes use of eight contact points in which the body mimics ammunitions.

This form of martial art makes use of the whole body as well as the mind and has grown in popularity spreading from Thailand, to now include the whole world.

This is the reason why it remains an important sport and martial art, as well as a health and fitness game to learn and try to master.

Reasons for learning Muay Thai today

One reason is body fitness and enhancement. Unlike other martial arts such as karate and tae kwon do, which allow the use of leg kicks and hand blows, Muay Thai permits use of more body parts including the clinch, knees, as well as the elbows. In addition to this, Muay Thai is a great conditioning exercise even if you just want to use it as a fitness tool, involving body weight exercises, punches, thrusts, running, jump rope, ab exercises, conditioning and repetitions, among others.

These strenuous activities therefore push the practitioners to work out and develop more flexibility in their limbs to improve their striking and combating options not mentioning the good, impressive and visible body shape that is achieved with time by getting ripped and leaner.

The second is high quality training. The training that Muay Thai practitioners undergo is not only physical but also mental and emotional. In addition, discipline, power, focus, firmness, respect and decisiveness are also learnt, making the practitioner an all-round nice and well-balanced person. Letting go of that aggression in the gym ensures that facing any obstacles in life is easier, and makes you nicer to the people around you.

The third is the attainment of self-defense techniques. By learning how to use your whole body through the techniques learnt in Muay Thai, including distance judgment, striking, and reaction time it is possible for one to protect themselves when in danger with all confidence and strength. You won’t be surprised by the moment, and all the hours you put into practicing will result in you being ready for anything should someone try to assault or strike you.

This therefore provides a boost to one’s esteem and comfort despite residing in highly risky locations.
Muay Thai is a stress reliever. Learning Muay Thai and attending the training sessions will not only serve as a hobby but also a stress reliever. By releasing the aggressiveness in you, you will indulge yourself in exhaustive training after which you will be left tired and inundated in sweat such that sleep will be the next option hence no room for stress. This will in turn ensure that you are not only fit physically but also healthy due to lack of unnecessary stress.

Muay Thai is suitable for everyone. Muay Thai, unlike other games is suitable for all individuals, be it men or women of different age groups including children and teenagers. In addition, several classes, options and levels are available for anyone interested in this game, an advantage that has made this martial art to be preferred and learnt by many people – especially newbies with no background in martial arts.

As seen from the above benefits, including health, fitness and self-defense, it is evident that Muay Thai indeed remains an applicable game for the current dates and times. In addition, more fitness centers that offer training in Muay Thai have been opened worldwide.

Further, bodies that govern and control this discipline have grown in number. Therefore, from the above facts, it is evident that this martial art is very relevant and an applicable sport that you need to indulge in today.

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